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A systematic investment caculator calculates how much your monthly invested amount would mature upto at a given growth rate, over a certain period of time.

Get your finances in order and reach your financial goals faster.

Stellar Fortune helps you plan out your current finances and find the best investment opportunities to grow your wealth.

Monthly Investment Amount :

Investment period :

Expected Rate of Annual Return :

Maturity Amount : ₹ 20000

Frequently Asked Questions : SIP

What is an SIP

SIP means Systematic Investment Plan. It is an investment scheme offered by different mutual fund houses wherein you invest some amounts of money periodically (weekly, monthly, etc.) in the fund in a disciplined way.

How does this calculator help me?

This calculator helps you visualize how much you can accumulate over a certain period of time if you keep investing a fixed sum of money over a certain number of years, compounding at a given rate (defaults set to average).